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The Author

A promising author whose writings are nothing short of astounding and impressive. He knows how to play with words. His beautiful narration takes the readers on a journey along with the characters.

The Entrepreneur

A banker, consultant, marketing professional, and front-end developer, Neal Studzinski, is also a passionate entrepreneur who owns a successful marketing firm. His impressive multi-faceted profile speaks of his incredibly talented creative mind.

The Fighter

He is a fighter who tackles the challenges of life head-on with hope, faith, and strength. He digs deep within himself to conquer his problems, be it as serious a problem like bipolar disorder or any other hardship of life.



Neal Studzinski is a multi-talented creative mind who has shown his prowess as a marketing professional, entrepreneur, front-end developer, and writer. A business graduate from Baker College of Clinton Township, MI, Studzinski went to high school on 8 Mile and hung out with Eminem and his roommates: Robert Claus (Chedda' Bob), Mike (Manix) & Matt (Butterfingers) Ruby, and the late James Deel (Chaos Kid). He learned to walk the walk at a young age hanging out with those guys. Neal watched the formation of the groups Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions. He already knew how to talk the talk.

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